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(Jun 28, 2012 - Sep 28, 2012)
TV Series Novel, Fantasy, Swordplay, Italy, Present, Super Power, Contemporary Fantasy, Stereotypes, Europe, Earth, Action, Shounen, Romance, Sudden Girlfriend Appearance, Harem, Ecchi, Magic Circles, Witch 4.28 AniDB
Case Closed
(Jan 8, 1996 - )
TV Series Cops, Elementary School, High School, Earth, Japan, Asia, Romance, Comedy, Manga, Present, Law and Order, Action, Detective, United States of America, Americas, Underworld, Baseball, Shounen, Thriller, Conspiracy, Lethal Cooking 7.20 AniDB

Charady no Joke na Mainichi
(Apr 1, 2009 - Mar 31, 2010)
TV Series Present, Comedy, New, Earth 2.11 AniDB
Chihayafuru 2
(Jan 12, 2013 - Jun 29, 2013)
TV Series Tokyo, Slow When It Comes to Love, Friendship, Coming of Age, School Life, High School, Daily Life, Plot Continuity, Love Polygon, Asia, Earth, Japan, Comedy, Present, Clubs, Sports, Romance, Manga, Josei 8.74 AniDB
Chokkyuu Hyoudai Robot Anime: Straight Title
(Feb 6, 2013 - )
TV Series Sci-Fi, Action, Super Deformed, Earth, Post-apocalypse, Alien, Mecha, Future, Piloted Robot 1.03 AniDB
Chronicles of the Going Home Club
(Jul 5, 2013 - Oct 11, 2013)
TV Series Breaking the Fourth Wall, Manga, Comedy, Talking Animals, Earth, Clubs, High School, Japan, School Life, Present 2.97 AniDB
(Jul 5, 2013 - )
TV Series Nudity, Underworld, Airforce, Mecha, Debacle, Seinen, Manga, Future, Military, Asia, Japan, Post-apocalypse, Earth, Genetic Modification, Action, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Special Squads 3.87 AniDB
Cosmo Police Justy
(Jul 20, 1985 - Jul 20, 1985)
OVA Skimpy Clothing, Paper Clothes, Ecchi, Angst, Twisted, Tragedy, Space, Super Power, Conspiracy, Shipboard, Future, Sci-Fi, Action, Shounen, Manga, Violence 3.81 AniDB
Cuticle Detective Inaba
(Jan 4, 2013 - Mar 22, 2013)
TV Series Yakuza, Law and Order, Bishounen, Violence, Assassin, Calling Your Attacks, Super Deformed, Earth, Comedy, Detective, Slapstick, Talking Animals, Shounen, Manga 3.00 AniDB