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Galilei Donna
(Oct 11, 2013 - )
TV Series New, Sci-Fi, Mecha 5.45 AniDB
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
(Mar 2, 2013 - Jun 30, 2013)
TV Series Seinen, Plot Continuity, Genetic Modification, Future, New, Pirate, Robot Helper, Piloted Robot, Gunfights, Coming of Age, Underworld, Space, Shipboard, Earth, Military, Navy, Mecha, Post-apocalypse, Sci-Fi, Action 6.55 AniDB
Gatchaman Crowds
(Jul 13, 2013 - Sep 28, 2013)
TV Series Ecchi, Calling Your Attacks, Angst, School Life, Trap, Humanoid Alien, Alien, New, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Shounen, Bishounen, Super Power 4.29 AniDB
gdgd Fairies 2
(Jan 10, 2013 - Mar 28, 2013)
TV Series Fishing, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Fairies, New, Mahou Shoujo, Fantasy World, Parallel Universe, Magic, Comedy, Time Travel, Parody, Present 2.92 AniDB

Gen`ei o Kakeru Taiyou
(Jul 6, 2013 - )
TV Series Violence, Henshin, Tragedy, Anthropomorphism, Talking Animals, Action, Super Power, Magic, Fantasy, Seinen, New, Mahou Shoujo, Angst 2.98 AniDB
Genshiken Second Season
(Jul 7, 2013 - )
TV Series Seinen, Earth, Manga, Japan, Asia, Present, Cosplay, Trap, Comedy 6.47 AniDB
Gifuu Doudou!! Kanetsugu to Keiji
(Jul 3, 2013 - )
TV Series Japan, Large Breasts, Summoning, Friendship, Shower Scene, War, Post-War, Horse Riding, Kyoto, Prostitution, Boobs in Your Face, Skimpy Clothing, Art, Historical, Combat, Past, Violence, Feudal Warfare, Ninja, Samurai, Sengoku Period, Manga, Seinen 1.91 AniDB
Ginga e Kickoff!!
(Mar 26, 2012 - Feb 26, 2013)
TV Series Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Barcelona, Japan, Asia, Novel, Football, Present, Comedy, School Life, Earth 5.08 AniDB

(Sep 29, 2013 - )
TV Series Fantasy, Japan, Present, Daily Life, Manga, Seinen 5.19 AniDB
(Apr 4, 2006 - Mar 25, 2010)
TV Series Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Alien, Manga, Samurai, Earth, Ninja, Shounen, Slapstick, Swordplay, Special Squads, Daily Life, Parody, Past, Detective, Space Travel, Humanoid Alien, Bakumatsu - Meiji Period, Idol, Bounty Hunter, Parallel Universe, Asia, Japan, Plot Continuity, Historical, Underworld, Law and Order, Yakuza, Violence, Badminton, Naked Apron, Toilet Humour, Shower Scene, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Android 8.18 AniDB

Girls und Panzer
(Oct 9, 2012 - Mar 23, 2013)
TV Series Alternative Present, School Life, Furo Scene, Action, Coming of Age, Friendship, Collateral Damage, Lingerie, Performance, Stereotypes, Volleyball, Combat, Sports, Transfer Student, Student Council, Clubs, New, Military 5.23 AniDB

(Jan 10, 2013 - Mar 28, 2013)
TV Series Valentine`s Day, Slow When It Comes to Love, Cosplay, Super Deformed, Daily Life, Japan, Catgirl, Parody, Maid, Harem, School Festival, Cooking, Chess, Present, Stereotypes, Clubs, Comedy, Seinen, Novel, 4-koma 4.71 AniDB

Goldfish Warning!
(Jan 12, 1991 - Feb 29, 1992)
TV Series School Life, Elementary School, Middle School, Present, Slapstick, Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Japan, Asia, Manga, Violence, Shoujo, Anthropomorphism, Parody, Hyperspace Mallet 6.14 AniDB
Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl
(Apr 15, 2011 - Jul 1, 2011)
TV Series Present, Comedy, Asia, Japan, Daily Life, Novel, Earth, Seinen, Stereotypes, Tragedy, Angst, Coming of Age, Ecchi, Baseball, Basketball, Parody, Romance, School Life, High School, Cooking, Sports, Cosplay, Summer Festival, Parental Abandonment, Virgin, Under One Roof, Transfer Student 5.95 AniDB
Gundam Build Fighters
(Oct 4, 2013 - )
TV Series Shounen, Earth, New, Proxy Battles, Future 3.54 AniDB