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Tale of Young Grass : Nan and Miss Jo
(Jan 17, 1993 - Dec 19, 1993)
TV Series Historical, School Life, United States of America, Novel, Past, Americas, Earth 6.55 AniDB
Tales of Symphonia The Animation: Sylvarant Episode
(Jun 8, 2007 - Dec 21, 2007)
OVA Desert, Twisted, Dragon, Adventure, Game, RPG, Fantasy, Angel, Fantasy World, Elf, Comedy, Plot Continuity, Swordplay, Angst, Violence, Romance, Martial Arts, Tragedy, High Fantasy, Action, Sci-Fi, Magic, Super Power, Magic Circles, Calling Your Attacks 4.84 AniDB
Tamako Market
(Jan 10, 2013 - Mar 28, 2013)
TV Series Trap, Zettai Ryouiki, Dark-skinned Girl, Mina, School Excursion, Friendship, Valentine`s Day, Christmas, Daily Life, Romance, Talking Animals, New Year`s Day, School Life, Cooking, Present, Japan, Nosebleed, Seinen, New 4.62 AniDB

Tari Tari
(Jul 1, 2012 - Sep 23, 2012)
TV Series Performance, Transfer Student, Asia, Japan, Earth, Coming of Age, New, Clubs, Present, Comedy, School Life, Music, Plot Continuity, Daily Life, High School, Female Student, Badminton, Horse Riding, Furo Scene 5.74 AniDB

(Oct 7, 2012 - Dec 23, 2012)
TV Series Summer Festival, Nopan, Breaking the Fourth Wall, General Lack of Common Sense, Clubs, Stereotypes, School Life, Comedy, Sports, Lingerie, Breast Fondling, Earth, Pantsu, Ecchi, Japan, Asia, Present, Tennis, Manga 2.88 AniDB
Tenchi Muyo! GXP
(Apr 3, 2002 - Sep 25, 2002)
TV Series Cops, Underworld, Law and Order, Shipboard, Comedy, Alien, Space, Romance, Harem, Ecchi, Action, Sci-Fi, Slapstick, Robot Helper, Space Travel, Present, Nudity, Nano Machines, Juujin, Dark-skinned Girl 6.01 AniDB

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
(Jul 9, 2012 - Sep 24, 2012)
TV Series Harem, Novel, Alternative History, Past, Comedy, Romance, Boing, Ecchi, Sengoku Period, Japan, Military, Time Travel, Seinen, Ninja, Action, Reverse Trap, War, Zettai Ryouiki, Swordplay 5.49 AniDB
The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
(Apr 4, 2013 - Jun 27, 2013)
TV Series Large Breasts, Demons, Magic, Harem, Ecchi, Shower Scene, Nudity, Violence, Female Student, Shounen, Furo Scene, Spellcasting, Zettai Ryouiki, Action, Earth, Boing, Daily Life, Japan, Super Power, Swordplay, Parody, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Novel 6.69 AniDB
The Eccentric Family
(Jul 7, 2013 - Sep 29, 2013)
TV Series Anthropomorphism, Japan, Comedy, Fantasy, Novel 7.28 AniDB
The Everyday Tales of a Cat God
(Jul 9, 2011 - Sep 24, 2011)
TV Series Seinen, Manga, Slapstick, Comedy, Goddess, Japan, Earth, Asia, Juujin, Summer Festival 3.94 AniDB
THE [email protected]
(Jul 8, 2011 - Dec 23, 2011)
TV Series Idol, Music, Friendship, Cooking, Shounen, Game, Dating Sim - Visual Novel, Present, Stereotypes, Earth, Performance, Art, Japan, Asia, Female Student, Christmas 5.95 AniDB
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
(Oct 9, 2012 - Mar 26, 2013)
TV Series Ecchi, Under One Roof, Pantsu, Confession, Sudden Naked Girl Appearance, Angst, Plot Continuity, Love Polygon, Slow When It Comes to Love, Romance, Nopan, Small Breasts, Friendship, Parental Abandonment, Coming of Age, Seinen, Novel, Present, Comedy, School Life, Japan, General Lack of Common Sense, Large Breasts, Nudity, Art School, School Dormitory 6.67 AniDB
The Severing Crime Edge
(Apr 4, 2013 - Jun 27, 2013)
TV Series Violence, Sudden Naked Girl Appearance, Nudity, Witch, Shower Scene, Pantsu, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Manga, Seinen 3.21 AniDB
Thermae Romae
(Jan 13, 2012 - Jan 27, 2012)
TV Special Seinen, Manga, Present, Asia, Japan, Historical, Europe, Earth, Italy, Time Travel, Comedy, Furo Scene 6.06 AniDB
Tokyo Ravens
(Oct 9, 2013 - )
TV Series Tokyo, Summer Festival, Earth, Japan, Contemporary Fantasy, Magic, Shounen, Novel 5.40 AniDB
(Apr 3, 2011 - )
TV Series Shounen, Manga, Fantasy, Comedy, Cooking, Adventure, Action, Martial Arts, Super Power, Calling Your Attacks, Friendship 4.23 AniDB

Total Eclipse
(Jul 2, 2012 - Dec 24, 2012)
TV Series Busty, Plot Continuity, Dark-skinned Girl, Special Squads, Violence, Action, Military, Americas, United States of America, Asia, Japan, Piloted Robot, Mecha, Ecchi, Harem, Russia, Erotic Game, Dating Sim - Visual Novel, Seinen, Sci-Fi, Alien, Alternative Present, Tragedy, Boing, Earth, Skimpy Clothing, Love Polygon, Collateral Damage, War, Parental Abandonment 3.97 AniDB

Treasure Town
(Jan 1, 1999 - Jan 1, 1999)
Other 6.72 AniDB
(Apr 7, 2012 - Jun 29, 2012)
TV Series Fishing, New, Sports, Japan, Earth, Asia, Present, Comedy, Humanoid Alien, Sci-Fi, Alien, Plot Continuity, Daily Life, Coming of Age, Skimpy Clothing, Under One Roof, Transfer Student 5.39 AniDB
Tsuyokiss Cool x Sweet
(Jul 2, 2006 - Sep 17, 2006)
TV Series Romance, Seinen, Game, Erotic Game, Present, Swordplay, Action, Martial Arts, School Life, Asia, Earth, Japan, High School, Clubs, Shoujo Ai, Performance, Coming of Age, Ecchi, Lolicon, Nudity, Slapstick, Angst, Super Power, Pantsu, Comedy, Dating Sim - Visual Novel, Parental Abandonment, Student Council 3.80 AniDB