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Usenet Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a .NZB file?

NZB is a XML-based text file containing meta data about articles posted to Usenet network that was developed by Newzbin.com. NZBs contain file related information like post date, author, newsgroup, subject title, etc. These files do not contain anything other than human-readable text, but are needed for Usenet newsreaders to find and download binary collection.

2. What is a .NFO file?

NZO is a small text file contain a plain text information and can be read with any text editor. These files will be often posted together with a multipart binary collection to describe the contents of the binary. For example, a music CD .NFO file can contain a list of various songs or plot description at movie postings.

3. What are Usenet newsgroups?

Newsgroups are Usenet discussion groups, where users can post their text messages und attach binary files. Generally there are two types of newsgroups: binary and text. Because we are interested in binary content we will speak about binary groups.

Typically, the newsgroups are devided into various topics of interest. The administrators of news servers decide how long articles will be kept on their servers before being deleted. Today there are over 100 000 Usenet newsgroups in Usenet. To find needed information fast and simple requires a good organizational scheme. To achieve it newsgroups were divided into different hierarchies like alt.binaries.content.content.

To read content in newsgroup user needs a Newsgroup reader.

3. What is Newsreader and why it's needed?

Newsreader (or Newsgroup Reader, or Usenet Client) is a program used to access Usenet. It's needed to provide connection between computer of the user and Usenet server to download binary articles from newsgroups. The software downloads and decoded all binary segments of the posting and combines all parts into one original posted file.

This service mostly will be offered for money, so please check different Usenet provider, their plans and features by searching in Google.