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GetNZB - Newsreader with Integrated NNTP Access

Date: February 20, 2013
After testing different Usenet provider and Newsreaders, we've decided to implement GetNZB downloader. GetNZB is a Newsreader software for Windows with already integrated and confugured NNTP access. In this way the developers offer very simple all-in-one solution to download files from Usenet network.
Main features of GetNZB:
  • Simple and powerful Newsreader - NNTP access already configured
  • Reseller of Highwinds, Astraweb, Xennews and Xennanews (XSNews etc.) - use of most popular Usenet backend providers
  • Integrated search engines, SSL encryption, archive enpacking and repair features and others
  • Premium access from $5.95 - yearly membership provides access for $8.12 per month
  • Download speed up to 30 Mbit/s - downloading from USA and EU servers of different providers at once
  • Free 1 GB highspeed trial, after free UNLIMITED with low speed
  • If GetNZB can not download files - noone can!
Official GetNZB Site
Download instructions:
Step 1: Download and install the latest version of GetNZB downloader here.

Step 2: Start the client and click on "Search", choose between search engines you wish to use and find needed file. To download any file double click in it in the list of results.

Step 3: After file is downloaded to your PC it will be enpacked automatically. You can also click on enpack button in the right bottom corner of preview section. If files are corrupted the software will offer to repair it.

GetNZB is rather new service, but in our eyes very simple and powerful done from usability point of view. Also the opetion that the client has possibility to check the file availability on different Usenet server farms is a big advantage. In other words with one membership you get access to most powerful usenet servers all over the world.

After you install GetNZB client to your computer, all Nzb files you find all over the internet will be assotiated with the software and loaded automatically after saving it. In "Preferences" it's of course possible to disable this feature.

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Click to visit GetNZB.com site now!