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Terminator 3 Rebellion der Maschinen German 2003 AC3 BDRip x264 iNTERNAL-VideoStar

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Movie Info: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) 6.4/10
The Machines Will Rise. - It's been 10 years since John Connor saved Earth from Judgment Day, and he's now living under the radar, steering clear of using anything Skynet can trace. That is, until he encounters T-X, a robotic assassin ordered to finish what T-1000 started. Good thing Connor's former nemesis, the Terminator, is back to aid the now-adult Connor … just like he promised.

Director: Jonathan Mostow
Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Kristanna Loken
Category:Movies > Foreign
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Media Info:
Property Value
Overall Container Format Matroska
Bitrate 51.5 Kbps
Video Duration 59s 518ms
Format AVC
Width x Height 720x300
Aspect 2.40:1
Framerate 23.9760 fps
Audio 1 Format AC-3
Language German
Bitrate Mode Constant
Bitrate 384 Kbps
Channels 6 channels
Sample Rate 48.0 KHz
Size:1.12 GB (100%)
Grabs:42 times
Files:17 files
Rar Contains:
Filename Password Size Date
Sample\vs-termi3.x264-sample.mkv No 13.64 MB Sep 4, 2013
Password: None
Poster:BBE <[email protected]>
Posted:Nov 2, 2013 (1.6 Yrs ago)
Added:Nov 2, 2013 (1.6 Yrs ago)
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