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the right way to wake her

Name:the right way to wake her
Category:XXX > Other
Media Info:
Property Value
Overall Container Format MPEG-4
Bitrate 16.6 Kbps
Video Duration 15mn 27s
Format AVC
Codec avc1
Width x Height 448x336
Aspect 4:3
Framerate 25.0000 fps
Library x264 core 118
Audio 1 Format AAC
Bitrate Mode Variable
Bitrate 42.9 Kbps
Channels 2 channels
Sample Rate 22.05 KHz
Size:28.77 MB (100%)
Grabs:24 times
Files:10 files
Password: None
Poster:Winkwink@Nudgenudge.net (Wink Nudge)
Posted:Nov 25, 2015 (1.9 Yrs ago)
Added:Nov 25, 2015 (1.9 Yrs ago)
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