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NFO File

For Mantaray - Numinous Island, *NMR*

Album:  	  Numinous Island
Artist:  	  Mantaray
Year:  	          1995
Genre:  	  New Age / Electronic / Tribal / Downtempo / Ambient 

A fantastic, ambient album. Pure Magic. Simply unbelievable. I can't really find the words that will do this justice. It's just such a marvellous journey. For the record, then Mantaray is Ray Castle and Susuma Yokota. Anyway, back to the review, this album is probably one of the most complete and perfect, chill-out/ambient albums I have ever heard. It's very tribal, with a lot of
natural sounds, very organic, very vivid and at times so weird and surreal. But somehow it never gets too weird, it doesn't get too complicated, it doesn't loose the direction and just head of to nowhere. It remains so indescribably beautiful. Not because it has a lot of cheesy, cute melodies
(there are actually very few regular melodies in this album), but because Numinous Island is an expression of something very deep and profound. Like I said, I can't describe it, you have to hear it! It was with this album I first realized and experienced the power of music. This album is one of the few musical pieces which is effectively able to change my mood. No matter how sad or depressed I am, this makes me fly. Because basically this is a very successful attempt to describe everything beautiful about the world. Most of the Individual tracks are very short, which means you can't listen to one track of this album, you have to listen to the album in its entirety. The
tracks are mixed together so it's one complete journey, from the beginning to the end. I doubt that this is album that can be found in regular stores anymore. Too old and too unknown for that I guess. But if you do find it, don't let it go!! It probably takes some listening before you really grasp the realms of this album, but once you do, you won't be disappointed! It's a real
gem! Plur - Psylent Buddhi

Number of Tracks: 20
Total Duration:   1:04:13
Total Size:       334 MBs (including scans, m3u, cue, log, spectrums, and nfo)
Parity Archive:   Yes, 7%
Ripped By:  	  NMR			
Files Created on: NMR		
Ripped With:  	  NMR			
Encoded At:  	  lossless, FLAC / 44.1 KHz
ID3 Tags:         Yes
NFO Created:  	  18 November 2015

01) Discovery
02) Omniscient
03) Auric Field
04) Looking Glass
05) Mountain Priest
06) Messenger Of The Gods
07) Floating Chrysanthemum
08) Remote Ritual
09) Ancestral Echo
10) Procession
11) Ascension
12) The Undiscovered Tribe
13) Pilgrimage
14) Zentrical Wheel
15) Tantric Vine
16) Koori Dream Spirits
17) Clairvoyance
18) Anima Mundi
19) Enlightenment
20) Departure
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