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NFO File

For Poppy Ackroyd - Feathers (NMR)

General Information
 Album:                  Feathers
 Artist:                 Poppy Ackroyd
 Copyright:              2014
File Information
 Number of Tracks:       8
 Total Duration:         0:34:43
 Ripped By:              NMR
 Files Created on:       12-Jun-2015  20:02:26
 NFO Created:            24-Nov-2015  10:27:16
 Reposting Rules:        Send any notes/comments to the .new-age group or I won't see it.

Track List
File  Size MB  Duration  File Name
   1    20.99  0:04:48   01 Strata
   2    20.41  0:04:29   02 Salt
   3    26.69  0:05:50   03 Timeless
   4    25.83  0:06:06   04 Feathers
   5    26.45  0:05:15   05 Roads
   6    25.85  0:05:30   06 Croft
   7    16.93  0:03:16   07 Taskin'
   8    26.60  0:05:35   08 Birdwoman
I liked it.  Different, pleasant composisions, worth a listen IMHO.  Randy

Poppy Ackroyd is a performer and composer from London, currently based in 
Brighton. Classically trained on violin and piano from an early age, she 
studied piano and composition at Edinburgh University before completing a 
masters degree in Piano Performance. A long-term collaborator with Hidden 
Orchestra (Tru Thoughts Records, Denovali Records), she also works with other 
musicians and artists, creating soundtracks for film, dance, physical theatre 
and radio. Her debut album 'Escapement' (Denovali Records, 2012) impressed with 
its delicate, intricate and beautifully atmospheric music, created using only 
piano and violin (with the exception of a few field recordings). In 2013 Poppy 
collaborated with visual artist Lumen to create bespoke films for her live 
performances. Demand from audiences led to a DVD of the music and visuals 
combined - 'Escapement Visualised' - being released in September 2014. November 
2014 sees the release of her second full-length album 'Feathers', which she 
will be performing live across Europe in the months following the release.