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For The.Creative.Woodturner.By.Terry.Martin.-.Woodworking.[eBook+Tutorial]

The Creative Woodturner - Inspiring Ideas and Projects for Developing Your Own Woodturning Style eBook Tutorials

Woodturning is as popular as ever - a constantly growing segement in the woodworking world 
and one of the most wide-reaching woodcrafts among artists and hands-on crafters.

ItÆs appeal is based on the short learning curve, the minimal equipment, and the sheer joy 
of learning to make something out of wood with oneÆs own hands. But, unlike a lot of crafts 
that rely on individuality and creative thinking, the initial techniques of woodturning must 
be mastered. While at first liberating, these same techniques can eventually be confining 
because in mastering them, one must follow the lead of others.

Cover: http://i742.photobucket.com/albums/xx68/aylpic/18/18001/18001002/TheCreativeWoodturner-1.jpg