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NFO File

For Sayata - Natural Spirits (NMR)

General Information
 Album:                  Natural Spirits
 Artist:                 Sayata
 Copyright:              2010
 Genre:                  New Age
File Information
 Number of Tracks:       3
 Total Duration:         0:30:16
 Ripped By:              NMR
 Files Created on:       11-Nov-2015  18:22:48
 NFO Created:            23-Nov-2015  14:14:13
 Reposting Rules:        Send any notes/comments to the .new-age group or I won't see it.

Track List
File  Size MB  Duration  File Name
   1    85.98  0:15:18   01 Floating Senses
   2    78.35  0:16:00   02 Self Reflections
   3    82.61  0:14:16   03 Being One
"Natural Spirits" is pure easy listening. It has an ideal mixture of gentle, 
smooth arrangements and soft nature sounds, perfect for a relaxed meditation. 
"Natural Spirits" are wonderful and easy compositions which let you drift away 
after a long and busy day. Take some time off, let the daily hassle behind you 
and start to move into a meditative mood which re-vitalises your body, mind and 
soul. So no time to waste. Surrender yourself to over sixty minutes of soothing 
smooth melodies and explore the joys of doing sweet nothings, whilst these 
tunes will make the sun shine from your speakers.