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NFO File

For MacDrive Pro

1. Copy .dll to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mediafour. Make backup before.
2. Reboot. There is an activation window If doesn't appear, then we cause it from MacDrive Pro Quick Start.
3. Disable internet connection
4. Input serial MX9EW-U4567-8900X-YZAB9, and choose 'I have no connection to the Internet'
5. Input activation code WWWWWRWW-WWWRWWWW-WRWWWWWR, Should there will be an inscription "... successfully activated..." We press the button "OK"

1. ╠σφ σ∞ ε≡ΦπΦφαδⁿφ≤■ dll Γ ∩α∩Ωσ C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mediafour (Σδ  winXP) φα δε∞αφ≤■.
2. ╧σ≡στα∩≤±Ωασ∞ Ωε∞∩. ╧ε Γδ σ≥±  εΩφε αΩ≥ΦΓα÷ΦΦ ┼±δΦ φσ ∩ε ΓΦ≥± , ≥επΣα Γ√τ√Γασ∞ σπε Φτ MacDrive Pro Quick Start.
3. ╬≥Ωδ■≈ασ∞ Φφ≥σ≡φσ≥. 
4. ┬ΓεΣΦ∞ ±σ≡ΦΘφΦΩ MX9EW-U4567-8900X-YZAB9, Γ√ßΦ≡ασ∞ "╙ ∞σφ  φσ≥ ∩εΣΩδ■≈σφΦ  Ω Φφ≥σ≡φσ≥≤". 
5. ┬ΓεΣΦ∞ ΩεΣ αΩ≥ΦΓα÷ΦΦ WWWWWRWW-WWWRWWWW-WRWWWWWR. ─εδµφα ∩ε ΓΦ≥±  φαΣ∩Φ±ⁿ "...successfully activated..." ═αµΦ∞ασ∞ Ωφε∩Ω≤ "├ε≥εΓε" 

─αδσσ ∞εµφε Γσ≡φ≤≥ⁿ ε≡ΦπΦφαδⁿφ≤■ dll Φ ∩σ≡στα∩≤±≥Φ≥ⁿ Ωε∞∩.