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For Charlie Human - Apocalypse Now Now (Unabr - 1164k [Atlas 2013]) 322.95 MB

General Information
 Title:                  Apocalypse Now Now
 Author:                 Charlie Human
 Read By:                David Atlas, Fiona Hardingham
 Copyright:              2013
 Audiobook Copyright:    2015
 Genre:                  Fantasy - Urban
 Publisher:              Blackstone Audio
 Abridged:               No

Original Media Information
 Media:                  Digital
 Length each:            Original CD lengths
 Source:                 Overdrive MP3

File Information
 Number of MP3s:         11
 Total Duration:         10:38:33
 Total MP3 Size:         292.69
 Parity Archive:         No
 Ripped By:              3j
 Encoded With:           LAME
 Encoded At:             CBR 64 kbit/s 44100 Hz Joint Stereo
 Normalize:              None
 Noise Reduction:        None
 ID3 Tags:               Set, v1.1, v2.3

Book Description
Publisher's Summary

now now adv. a common South Africanism relating to the amount of time 
to elapse before an event occurs. In the near future; not happening 
presently but to happen shortly

Baxter Zevcenko's life is pretty sweet. He's making a name for himself 
as the kingpin of his smut-peddling high school syndicate, the other 
gangs are staying out of his business, and he's dating the girl of his 
dreams, Esme. But when Esme gets kidnapped, things start to get seriously 
weird, and the only man drunk enough to help is a bearded, booze-soaked, 
supernatural bounty hunter who goes by the name of Jackson "Jackie" 
Ronin. Plunged into the increasingly bizarre landscape of Cape Town's 
supernatural underworld, Baxter and Ronin team up to save Esme. On a 
journey that takes them through the realms of impossibility, they must 
face every conceivable nightmare to get her back, including an odd brush 
with the apocalypse.

⌐2013, 2015 Charlie Human (P)2015 Blackstone Audio, Inc.