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NFO File

For Joe Abercromibe - 'Shattered Seas', Bk 3 - Half A War (NMR

General Information
 Title:                  Half a War (Unabridged)
 Author:                 Joe Abercrombie
 Read By:                John Keating. Pr
 Copyright:              2015
 Audiobook Copyright:    2015
 Genre:                  Fantasy
 Publisher:              Recorded Books
 Abridged:               No

Media Information
 Source Format:          Audible AAX
 Source Sample Rate:     22050 Hz
 Source Channels:        2
 Source Bitrate:         63 kbits

 Lossless Encode:        No
 Encoded Codec:          LAME MP3
 Encoded Sample Rate:    22050 Hz
 Encoded Channels:       1
 Encoded Bitrate:        64 kbits

 Ripper:                 inAudible 1.56

File Information
 Number of MP3s:         55
 Total Duration:         13:20:28
 Total MP3 Size:         366.90
 Parity Archive:         yes
 Encoded At:             CBR 64 kbit/s 22050 Hz Mono
 ID3 Tags:               Set, v1.1, v2.3

Book Description
Princess Skara has seen all she loved made blood and ashes. She is left 
with only words. But the right words can be as deadly as any blade. 
She must conquer her fears and sharpen her wits to a lethal edge if 
she is to reclaim her birthright. Only half a war is fought with swords. 
The deep-cunning Father Yarvi has walked a long road from crippled slave 
to king's minister. He has made allies of old foes and stitched together 
an uneasy peace. But now the ruthless Grandmother Wexen has raised the 
greatest army since the elves made war on God and put Bright Yilling 
at its head - a man who worships no god but Death. Sometimes one must 
fight evil with evil. Some - like Thorn Bathu and the sword-bearer Raith 
- are born to fight, perhaps to die. Others - like Brand the smith and 
Koll the woodcarver - would rather stand in the light. But when Mother 
War spreads her iron wings, she may cast the whole Shattered Sea into