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For Home.Power.Magazine.Collection.-.Issues.001.-.146.(1987.-.2011).(TruePDF)-(Malestrom)

Home Power Magazine Collection - Issues 001 - 146 (1987 - 2011) (True PDF) (Malestrom)

Home Power Magazine Collection - Issues 001 - 146 (1987 - 2011)
Home Power Inc. | 1987 - 2011 | TRUE PDF | Issues 001 - 146
Cover: http://i50.tinypic.com/28k0wma.jpg

Home Power Magazine is a bi-monthly American magazine. Published since 1987, Home Power Magazine has promoted a goal of reducing the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation by replacing fossil fuel generation capacity with currently available renewable energy alternatives. Solar, wind, and hydro systems information is covered at a homeowners do-it-yourself level with expert advice and examples. Home Power Magazine also promotes and presents information on energy efficient building and design practices. Clean transportation information is also featured.