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For Simpler.Options.-.Insiders.Guide.to.Generating.Income.using.Options.Strategies.Course.(Oct.2014)-by.[TT]

Simpler Options - Insider's Guide to Generating Income using Options Strategies Course (Oct 2014) [ 11 Videos (MP4) + 5 Docs (pdf) ]

Language: English
Size: 3.28 GB
Category: Investing / Trading / Stocks
Date: October 2014
Cover: http://i68.fastpic.ru/big/2015/0114/0b/4b66f099fa0100b55e939aebd4f2750b.jpg

In this half day training class Bruce will share:

- The 3 favorite monthly trading strategies that he uses every month to generate consistent income so you will walk away knowing the exact income strategies to use
- The 3 defense strategies that can save the trade from disaster so you never have one trade cost you the success of 10 winning trades
- A step by step trade process so you know how to have steady equity curve that goes from the lower left to the upper right without any wild fluctuations
- How to trade on the side of options professionals so you're not caught on the wrong side of the trade
- How to put it all together in a concise trading plan schedule so you never have to guess what trade you put on when and how

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