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General Information
 Title:                  The Janson Directive
 Author:                 Robert Ludlum
 Read By:                Paul Michael
 Copyright:              2002
 Audiobook Copyright:    2002
 Genre:                  Thriller
 Publisher:              Audio Renaissance
 Abridged:               No

Original Media Information
 Media:                  CD
 Number:                 18

File Information
 Number of MP3s:         18
 Total Duration:         20:59:53
 Total MP3 Size:         288.54
 Parity Archive:         No
 Encoded At:             CBR 32 kbit/s 11025 Hz Joint Stereo
 ID3 Tags:               Set, v1.1, v2.3

Book Description
One of the world's greatest men has been kidnapped! Nobel laureate, 
financier, and philanthropist Peter Novak - a billionaire committed 
to fostering global democracy through his Liberty Foundation - has been 
captured by the Caliph, a near-mythical terrorist who plans to execute 
him in a matter of days.
Running out of time and hope, Novak's people turn to a man with a history 
of defeating impossible odds: Paul Janson. For decades, Janson was a 
legendary covert operative and assassin. Now he has retired, and nothing 
could lure him back - nothing except Peter Novak, who once saved Janson's 

Backed by the considerable resources of the Liberty Foundation, Janson 
assembles a crack extraction team to rescue Novak from his fortress 
prison. But the operation goes horribly wrong and Janson is marked for 
death, the target of a "beyond salvage" order.

Now he is running for his life, pursued by Jessica Kincaid, an agent 
who, as a student of Janson's own lethal arsenal of tactics, can anticipate 
his every move. To survive, Janson must outrace a conspiracy that has 
gone beyond the control of its creators. To win, he must counter it 
with a conspiracy of his own. Janson's only hope is to uncover the nearly 
unimaginable truth behind these events - a secret that has the power 
to foment wars, topple governments, and change the course of history.-----