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For The.Eden.Diet.-.You.Can.Eat.Treats.Enjoy.Your.Food. and.Lose.Weight.[Audiobook-MP3]

The Eden Diet: You Can Eat Treats, Enjoy Your Food, and Lose Weight (Audiobook) by Rita M. Hancock

Zondervan | 2010 | ISBN: no, ASIN: B0036UZC72 | [email protected] kbps | 6 hrs 49 mins | 186 Mb

Cover: http://preview.filesonic.com/img/1699811.jpg

What if you could eat whatever you wanted - even chocolate cake - stay healthy, and lose weight? 
In The Eden Diet, Dr. Rita M. Hancock explains why traditional, restrictive diets cause you to fail at weight control 
80% of the time. They cause you to block out your God-given internal sensations of hunger and eat according to unnatural, 
restrictive, human rules. That is not how God the Creator designed you to eat. You were made to eat when you feel hungry - 
not ignore those signals and eat for emotional or intellectual reasons.

Losing weight is as simple as only eating when you are hungry and then eating smaller amounts - of your favorite foods! 
Most importantly, The Eden Diet will teach you how to fight the temptation to eat when your body doesn't actually need food.

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