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For Jeanette Winterson - The Gap of Time (Unabr - 664k [Rawlins 2015]) 213.10 MB

General Information
 Title:                  The Gap of Time
 Author:                 Jeanette Winterson
 Read By:                Penelope Rawlins, Mark Bazeley, Ben Onwukwe
 Copyright:              2015
 Audiobook Copyright:    2015
 Genre:                  Fiction - Literary
 Publisher:              Random House Audio
 Abridged:               No

Original Media Information
 Media:                  Digital
 Length each:            Original CD lengths
 Source:                 Overdrive MP3

File Information
 Number of MP3s:         6
 Total Duration:         7:02:05
 Total MP3 Size:         193.35
 Parity Archive:         No
 Ripped By:              3j
 Encoded With:           LAME
 Encoded At:             CBR 64 kbit/s 44100 Hz Joint Stereo
 Normalize:              None
 Noise Reduction:        None
 ID3 Tags:               Set, v1.1, v2.3

Book Description
Publisher's Summary

The Winter's Tale is one of Shakespeare's "late plays". It tells the 
story of a king whose jealousy results in the banishment of his baby 
daughter and the death of his beautiful wife. His daughter is found 
and brought up by a shepherd on the Bohemian coast, but through a series 
of extraordinary events, father and daughter, and eventually mother, 
too, are reunited.

In The Gap of Time, Jeanette Winterson's cover version of The Winter's 
Tale, we move from London, a city reeling after the 2008 financial crisis, 
to a storm-ravaged American city called New Bohemia. Her story is one 
of childhood friendship, money, status, technology, and the elliptical 
nature of time. Written with energy and wit, this is a story of the 
consuming power of jealousy on the one hand and redemption and the enduring 
love of a lost child on the other.

⌐2015 Jeanette Winterson (P)2015 Random House Audio