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For Brad Thor - 'Scott Harvath', Bk 7 - The Last Patriot (NMR

General Information
 Title:                  The Last Patriot
 Author:                 Brad Thor
 Read By:                George Guidall
 Copyright:              2009
 Audiobook Copyright:    2009
 Genre:                  Thriller
 Publisher:              Recorded Books Inc
 Series Name:            Scot Harvath
 Position in Series:     07
 Abridged:               No

Original Media Information
 Media:                  MP3 CD
 Number:                 1
 Source:                 Library
 Condition:              New

File Information
 Number of MP3s:         142
 Total Duration:         9:02:47
 Total MP3 Size:         249.19
 Parity Archive:         No
 Ripped By:              Me
 Ripped With:            Copied from MP3
 Encoded At:             CBR 64 kbit/s 44100 Hz Mono
 Normalize:              yes
 Noise Reduction:        None
 ID3 Tags:               Set, v1.1, v2.3

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Book Description
Brad Thor, master of suspense and New York Times bestselling author 
of The First Commandment, returns with his highest-voltage thriller 
to date. In a pulse-pounding, adrenaline-charged tour de force, Navy 
SEAL turned covert Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath must race 
to locate an ancient secret that has the power to stop militant Islam 
dead in its tracks.

June 632 A.D.: Deep within the Uranah Valley of Mount Arafat in Mecca, 
the Prophet Mohammed shares with his closest companions a final and 
startling revelation. Within days, he is assassinated.

September 1789: U.S. Minister to France Thomas Jefferson, who is charged 
with forging a truce with the violent Muslim pirates of the Barbary 
Coast, makes a shocking discovery - one that could forever impact the 
world's relationship with Islam.

Present day: When a car bomb explodes outside a Parisian caf╬ś, Scot 
Harvath is thrust back into the life he has tried so desperately to 
leave behind.

Saving the intended victim of the attack, Harvath becomes party to an 
amazing and perilous race to uncover a secret so powerful that militant 
Islam could be defeated once and for all without firing another shot, 
dropping another bomb, or launching another covert action.

But as desperate as the American government is to have the information 
brought to light, there are powerful forces aligned against it - men 
who are just as determined that Mohammed's mysterious final revelation 
continue to remain hidden forever.

What Jason Bourne was to the Cold War, Scot Harvath is to the War on 
Terror. Brad Thor has created "the perfect all-American hero for the 
post September 11 world" (Nelson DeMille) and will keep readers glued 
to the pages as he once again takes them across the globe on a heart-pounding 
chase where the stakes are higher than they have ever been before.