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For MediaWidget - iPod Transfer Software Pro v5.5.3.126 incl. Keymaker [2010 English

MediaWidget - iPod Transfer Software Pro v5.5.3.126 incl. Keymaker

MediaWidget is the essential compliment to your digital media experience û just like security software for your computer. iTunes or other media cataloging software help you view, convert and organize your digital media.  

Media Widget takes over where iTunes leaves off, adding critical back-up and security features you donÆt get out of the box. Protect the financial and time investment youÆve made and be up and running quickly if your iPod is damaged.  

What are the key values of Media Widget?  

You backup your files on your computer, why should your iPod be any different? With Media Widget you have an easy way of saving a copy of all the contents on your iPod, such as your favorite audio and video files. ItÆs easy for novice users and you donÆt have to navigate through iTunes to backup your media.   

Restore and recover:  
You remember how many hours it took to configure your iPod. With MediaWidgetÆs recover feature, you can quickly get your iPod back to its original configuration in the event of a major device crash. MediaWidget will scan your iPod database to identify valid or damaged files.   

Copy, move, and delete files from your iPod:  
Move past the limitations of iPod and iTunes and get the flexibility youÆve come to expect with electronic media. Media Widget allows you to more easily move audio and video files onto your iPod. And finally there is an easy way to take files off of your iPod with Media Widget software.


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